Welcome to Ngayen School Fund...

Our mission is to give Gambian children of poor parents access to school by helping them receive the resources they need to get a good education.

Education is a vital element in this very poor area of ​​The Gambia, West Africa. If we can help the children to become better educated, each of them can develop to be able to help make a positive difference in relation to The Gambia as a whole by using the values ​​and knowledge they have acquired in their school time.

The Ngayen School Fund was started to give these children a chance for a good education and to help them to help not only themselves, but also their families and their country in the future.

Facts about the Gambia...

The Gambia is a republic in West Africa with approximately 10,000 square kilometers of land area (and 1,300 km² of water), The country is the smallest on the African continent and it has approximately 1.7 million inhabitants.

The country stretches from its Atlantic coast in the west approximately 290 kilometers eastwards inland along both banks of the 1,130 kilometer long Gambia River. Of Gambia's 820 kilometer land border, 80 kilometers consist of coast to the Atlantic Ocean in the west and are otherwise bordered by the land border with Senegal to the north, east and south.

The country's capital is called Banjul and in 2003 had 34,828 inhabitants. The low population in the capital is due to the fact that it is located on a very small island, which is, however, connected to the mainland via bridges. Several hundred thousand live on the mainland near the capital.